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Quantitative. Multi-Contrast. Standardized. 40% Faster Neuro Imaging.

SpinTech enables MRIs to deliver a multitude of standardized quantitative datasets and enhanced images from a single rapid scan – saving lives, money and time. For clinical settings, this means seeing more patients and more confidence in assessing and diagnosing neurological diseases like Parkinson’s, TBI, stroke, dementia, and multiple sclerosis. For researchers, it means access to powerful quantitative data to track progress and treatment.

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STAGE Neuroimaging for COVID-19

Comprehensive, Standardized Neuroradiology Monitoring of COVID-19 Patients

Approximately ⅓ of COVID-19 patients have reported experiencing a range of neurological symptoms including headaches, altered mental states, acute cerebrovascular disease, wide-spread inflammation and edema, and epilepsy. STAGE is designed to provide fast, 5-minute full brain coverage imaging and is collected at a resolution high enough to detect Cerebral Microbleeds and properly reconstruct neurovascular architecture.