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Quantitative. Multi-Contrast. Standardized. 40% Faster Neuro Imaging.

SpinTech enables MRIs to deliver a multitude of standardized quantitative datasets and enhanced images from a single rapid scan – saving lives, money and time. For clinical settings, this means seeing more patients and more confidence in assessing and diagnosing neurological diseases like Parkinson’s, TBI, stroke, dementia, and multiple sclerosis. For researchers, it means access to powerful quantitative data to track progress and treatment.

SpinTech for Healthcare Administrators

Higher Patient Throughput. Smoother Workflows. Earlier Detection. Better Patient Experiences.

STAGE isn’t just revolutionary for radiologists. You can use SpinTech technology to increase efficiency and throughput in your hospital or imaging center.

Provide your patients with better MRI experiences while accommodating for decreased reimbursements. See how STAGE can help your facility’s revenue stream.

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SpinTech MRI Presents STAGE at ASNR 2021

SpinTech MRI Presents STAGE at ASNR 2021

SpinTech MRI is excited to debut STAGE, our new MRI software platform that’s pending FDA 510(k) clearance, at ASNR 2021. STAGE provides rapid, quantitative and standardized multi-contrast imaging which can reduce brain MRI acquisition times by over 40%. SpinTech MRI’s...

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We’ll See You at ISMRM 2021!

We’ll See You at ISMRM 2021!

SpinTech is merging innovation and application for novel MRI technologies. Visit us at ISMRM 2021 to see our latest cutting-edge technology advancements. Registration is now open for this year’s virtual ISMRM conference! We’ll be in attendance highlighting STAGE, our...

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