The Age of Standardization in Neuroradiology: Rapid, quantitative, multi-contrast MR imaging with STAGE

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Thursday, December 10th at 12PM EST
Hosted by Ward Detwiler, President & CEO, SpinTech
Paul Kokeny, PhD, Sr. Product Development Manager, SpinTech

The ability to standardize data has long been an inherent hurdle in MR imaging. MRI evolved into the best practice standard of care over the past decade, but clinicians still struggle to reliably compare data collected across different scanners, field strengths, and manufacturers.

This clinical issue manifests itself in several ways. Patients are forced into time-consuming follow-up scans when machines fail to collect enough data during the first scan. Some longitudinal studies are limited by the need to use the same scanner. Multi-site imaging studies of disease states may face complications with output compatibility due to different magnet manufacturers.

STAGE, a new rapid, quantitative, multi-contrast imaging software resolves these long-standing issues. It standardizes data across different manufacturers and field strengths, providing consistent qualitative images and clinically-viable quantitative maps. It improves radiology workflow efficiency and scheduling flexibility by providing high-quality, comparable images even from different magnet manufacturers at different sites.

Join us for our upcoming live webinar on Thursday, December 10th at 12PM EST to learn how STAGE can help drive your imaging practice to new innovation in diagnosis and treatment.

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