Introducing STAGE

Enhanced. Quantitative. Standardized. 40% Faster Brain MRI.

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Solving Clinical Challenges

With 40% faster MRI acquisition and processing, STAGE creates immediate clinical value by increasing throughput and workflow efficiency for your organization*. Given the growing constraints of reimbursement, labor costs and space, STAGE creates an opportunity to see more patients every day while also enhancing the quality of care. 

*STAGE has not been evaluated by the FDA and is intended for research purposes only.

How it Works

STAGE: Strategically Acquired Gradient Echo

In 5 minutes:

10 Qualitative & 6 Quantitative Images

Features & Benefits

40% Faster Brain MRIs

SpinTech’s rapid image sequencing and processing reduces acquisition time for comprehensive brain imaging by 40%, increasing throughput and improving patient experiences.

Better Images & Enhanced Detection

STAGE enables clinicians to identify and quantify otherwise hidden biomarkers critical to the early detection and treatment of neurological disorders like stroke, TBI, Parkinsons, MS and dementia.



Increased Throughput = Increased Revenue

40% increased neuro imaging throughput can drive over $500k in new annual revenue for the average MRI unit, and the increase in scan quality and outcomes has the potential to drive referrals for new cases.

Lower Costs

STAGE software integrates and enables your existing equipment for enhanced speed and diagnoses, which eliminates high capital expenses for upgrading your magnet or MRI suite.

Seamless Workflow Integration

The system uses a black box approach to integrate with virtually any existing system and MRI manufacturer. After processing, STAGE automatically sends 15 data-rich, standardized outputs to your existing PACS or database along with a summary report.

Cross-Platform, Standardized Data

STAGE is compatible with most manufacturers existing equipment, providing not only accurate, repeatable results, but also rich, standardized datasets ideal for developing AI and research.

Enhanced Detection Examples


O2 Saturation

Traumatic Brain Injury

Microbleeds, Vessel Shearing


SN Swallow Tail

Multiple Sclerosis




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